'The outcome is incredible': How Bookstart has helped my daughter

Published on: 03 July 2018

When mum Naomi visited a recent event at her local library, she couldn't wait to tell us how much of a difference Bookstart has made to her family...

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My second baby girl is due in August - and I already plan to take Bookstart's advice.

I took it with my first daughter, who is now six years old. I remember being told about how valuable reading is.

As a child I was never encouraged with reading or school work and I swore that I wouldn't be the same with my own children. It really did start with Bookstart's advice - I started reading books as soon as my daughter was born, and some were the free gifts provided by Bookstart (along with her growing collection!)

Now, I obviously don't have any scientific facts about this, but the outcome is incredible. She's read her picture books as you would expect, but in the last 12 months her reading and love of reading has grown incredibly.

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A huge impact

In the last three months alone she's read about 12 thick books, including David Walliams, Jacqueline Wilson, The Worst Witch and more. And she's not just used reading as an activity or a chore - she's found that it's also been her coping mechanism during difficult times in life.

She reads when she's felt overwhelmed and it's helped her to forget her little worries. She reads at bedtime, breakfast time, rainy days or when I'm a bit busy with housework.

It also has appeared to help her with other school subjects and she's doing so amazingly at school.

I'm glad I can actually share this, as I'm sure that people are happy to have advice, take a free book and are possibly never heard from again - you'll never know if you made a difference or not. But with my daughter, I found it massively helped and I will continue with the next baby.

Bookstart Bear

Growing the imagination

My daughter has said that when she's reading a book, she can't really hear anything else going on.

She is the Worst Witch, she is in HorrorLand in Goosebumps, she is Alfie running away from his social worker on a scooter in The Demon Dentist. She said she feels like she's there, and she loves that feeling.

I just wish Bookstart had been around when I was younger. My parents never really appreciated the value of education or reading, so I'm just pleased that I received the advice as otherwise, I could have repeated a poor cycle.

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