Books are not just about reading!

Published on: 30 April 2015 Author: Roger Priddy

Publisher Roger Priddy gives an insight into the role that non-fiction and interactive books play in children's overall development.

I'm a great believer that it's never too early to give a child a book. For preschool children in particular, books are about so much more than learning to read – they help children understand their world, encourage them to learn through play, create curious minds and play an essential role in their overall early development.

Books are not just about reading!Photographs make things familiar

Toys, pets, food, clothes... every day, babies and toddlers are surrounded by all kinds of different objects whether at home, at nursery or out and about. Reading books that are illustrated with real life photographs is a great way to help children learn about objects which to us may seem common and everyday, but which to them are hugely meaningful as they begin to understand their world. By sharing photographic books such as our First 100 Words board book with your child, you can help them build their speech and vocabulary as they identify objects, and watch as they make connections between the words and pictures they see on the pages with the things they see around them.


Books are not just about reading!Play ... and learn!

Young children need lots of hands-on learning before they can progress to putting pen to paper and more formal education. Books with flaps to lift, doors to slide open and textures to feel grab children's attention and keep them interested as their hands and eyes engage in different multi-sensory experiences. These interactive play features help develop strong fine motor and hand/eye coordination skills which are vital for little children, not only so that they can manage small, everyday tasks, but, as they get nearer to school age, so that they feel confident to start handwriting.


Books are not just about reading!Wipe away and start again!

We all learn from our mistakes – and children are no different! It's really important to help them understand that making mistakes is a completely normal part of their learning, which is where wipe-clean activity books can prove to be invaluable. Not only are these books full of fun and creative ways to help children learn, but because the pages are reusable, children can practise their skills over and over again, boosting their self-esteem and growing in confidence every time they do.


Books are not just about reading!Spoilt for choice

Flaps, tabs, touch-and-feels, pull-outs, pop-ups, wipe clean, sounds, stickers, fold-outs... as a parent, the choice of interactive books for preschool children is rich and huge, but knowing which book to choose to help your child develop a particular skill can be confusing. To help guide you, on the back covers of our books you'll find symbols that identify key skills that each one encourages and develops, from problem solving to fine motor skills and pen control.



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