Understanding the impact of our interventions is central to BookTrust’s work.

Our monitoring, evaluation and learning activities enable us to clearly understand our reach and impact so we know, with confidence, that we are maximising the impact of our work with children and families.

Our impact in 2022/23

2022/23 marked the second year of our new strategy to support low-income families and children from vulnerable family backgrounds to get reading from the earliest moments in childhood.

Our work over this period supported children in every community in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We summarise some of our core activities, reach and impact in this report.

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Read the report in Welsh / Darllenwch yr adroddiad yn Cymraeg

We have partnership agreements in place with every local authority in England and Wales. Our valued partner network includes:

  • Over 6,000 early years delivery routes
  • 2,400 libraries
  • Over a third of state secondary schools participating in our Bookbuzz programme
  • And many other organisations.

Through our work together we:

  • Distribute 1.2 million packs made up of more than 2.4 million books to families and partners across England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Deliver books and reading resources to over 90% of families with new babies
  • Reach 32% of low-income families with young children aged 1-4, through our new Early Years Offer
  • Support more than 13,000 children from vulnerable family backgrounds
  • Reach over 1.9 million families across England, Wales and Northern Ireland

We work closely with children, families and our partners to understand the impact of our work.

Over 1,400 children and families and 650 partners took part in BookTrust learning activities.

Through our surveys we’re hearing from families and partners that our programmes are making a difference:

  • 72% of families receiving our Bookstart Baby pack say it helped them to find new ways to spend time with their child
  • 84% of low-income families participating in our new BookTrust Early Years offers say these prompted them to read more with their children
  • 96% of children in care receiving Letterbox Club parcels say they like or love using the resources
  • 88% of partners in our early years network say our resources and activities supported them in their work

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Reading Together

Reading Together, Changing Children's Lives is based on decades of experience of working with millions of families and thousands of local partners, including health visitors, nurseries, schools, libraries and food banks.

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