How does Story Hunters work?

All the details on how you can use the Story Hunters packs to get your pupils loving reading.

Sign up Year 4 children to Story Hunters and they will receive a monthly pack over a six-month period: from October 2017 to March 2018.

Inside the packs


An independent panel of experts have selected the books. These include a mix of different genres: fairy tales, classic and contemporary stories, picture books, novelty/joke books, poetry and non-fiction books.


There will be a writing activity or game in each pack. These range from letter-writing skills to games that families can do together. Some activities are linked to the books in the packs, to support comprehension and understanding.


Relevant materials are included to encourage writing and drawing, and to support independent learning at home.

Children will receive a range of high-quality resources from our approved supplier, who provides stationery to primary schools. All items comply with national and international safety standards.

Receiving the packs

The packs will arrive at your school unsealed, in easily identifiable Story Hunters boxes. Depending on your school storage capacity, we will either deliver all six packs to you in one go, or in six, monthly deliveries.

Every month, an identified member of staff at your school can then distribute and personalise the packs by:

  • inserting each child's name to the template letters we supply
  • addressing each pack to the child

Some schools give out packs directly to participating children, while others pass them on to parents or carers - it's up to you.

For information about delivery, contact

Enhance the packs

You can do this by adding:

  • other activities for children to take part in, such as national writing competitions or book reviews
  • tips for getting the most from their school library, or how a child can join their local library

Register soon

Schools can use pupil premium to fund Story Hunters. The cost per child is only £99 (including VAT).  If you'd like to find out more about registering, please email the Story Hunters team on for more information.

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