Booklists beginning with: W

  • Books about water

    Water is one of the most precious resources on Earth. These non-fiction books show how crucial it is to our planet, and how the water cycle works.

  • Books about World War I

    These books about World War I will offer young readers a range of different perspectives on the conflict, ranging from picture books to teen novels there's something here for everyone.

  • Books about World War II

    From classic favourites to more recent titles, these books for children take a variety of different approaches to representing the events of World War II.

  • Books about World War II for teens

    The Second World War has inspired many stories, and told the stories of many people over the years. These books for teenagers take a variety of different approaches to representing the events of World War II.

    Books about WWII for children

  • Celebrating inspirational women

    Whether it's International Women's Day or not, it's always worth pointing out and celebrating the – often forgotten or undervalued – achievements of women, both past and present.

  • Children's books set in Wales

    Wales lends itself naturally to some brilliant stories, with its incredible, varied scenery and many myths and legends: dragons and witches and tales of King Arthur. Here are just a few of our favourites for you to check out.

  • Talking about war and conflict

    It can be hard to know how to talk to young people about conflict, but these books could help to spark discussions about war and its consequences.

  • The best books from the Waterstones Children's Laureate 2022-2024 Joseph Coelho

    We pick out some of our favourite books from Waterstones Children's Laureate 2022-2024 Joseph Coelho.

  • Top 20 picture books for winter

    The festive season might be over... but winter is still in full flow. Here are some of our favourite new seasonal picture books to snuggle up and read with the little ones.

  • Watery reads for 8-12s

    Here are our favourite sea-based books! Get ready to dive into an exciting world of mermaids, pirates, selkies and shipwrecks.

  • Welsh books of the year 2023

    We look back at our favourite Welsh books of the year 2023.

  • Winter stories for older children (8-12)

    These fabulous stories for children aged 8-12 are sure to make anyone feel cosy during the winter months.

  • Winter stories for younger readers (5-8)

    We love snuggling up with a cosy read during the winter months! Here are some favourites for children aged 5-8.

  • Wordless picture books: a great way to get your child to tell the story

    Wordless picture books encourage children to think for themselves and form their own interpretation of what is happening in the narrative. They’re a great way to expand the imagination and have a lot fun doing it! Why not give one of these a go?


  • World Cancer Day

    4 February is World Cancer Day, which aims to raise awareness, urge governments to take action, and educate us all about the disease and its impact.