Booklists beginning with: N

  • Books about finding nature on your doorstep for 0-5

    Children love discovering the animals and plants that live close by! Here's a selection of books to inspire little nature lovers.

  • Books about numbers for age 7 and above

    Numeracy is just as important as literacy! Here is a selection of books that celebrate numbers and all the fun and fascinating things you can do with them. All these books are in English and are a mixture of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. All are suitable for ages 7-11.

  • Books based on nursery rhymes

    Babies and toddlers love songs, especially those with actions. If there are pictures and books involved too, this is even better!

    These books feature traditional nursery rhymes, or variations on them. Enjoy sharing them together.

  • Books with neurodivergent characters

    This non-exhaustive selection of books is an introduction to the range of books that feature neurodivergent (ND) characters. It includes characters with OCD, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia, as well as autistic protagonists. There is some non-fiction on neurodivergence too.

  • Children's books set in the North

    Northern England is rich in landscape, culture and history – and that has inspired some incredible stories. Here are just a few of our favourites for you to check out.

  • Irish books of the year 2023

    We look back at our favourite Irish books of the year 2023.

  • National Children's Day

    National Children's Day is all about the importance of a happy, healthy childhood and celebrating the achievements of some of the world's most inspiring young people. Which is your favourite?

  • Nature non-fiction (younger children)

    From flora- and fauna-themed early learning books to detailed studies of species and habitats, these non-fiction nature books are perfect for any young inquisitive minds.

  • Nature non-fiction booklist (older children)

    Non-fiction books about nature are great for older children, from engaging reluctant readers to inspiring budding environmentalists.

  • Non-fiction and fact books your child will love (ages 4-8)

    There are loads of brilliant non-fiction books that can teach your child about the world, as well as being entertaining, funny and gorgeous to look at. Sometimes non-fiction is also a fantastic way to tempt a reluctant reader into sitting down with a book.

  • Non-fiction and fact books your child will love (older children aged 9-12)

    Getting older children to love reading isn't necessarily about fiction and fairy tales. Here are just a few of our favourites to get them excited to read.

  • Non-fiction books to help teens understand the world around them

    Non-fiction books can be a great tool to help teenagers explore and investigate problems in their lives and around the world.

  • The Best of our new Writer/Illustrator in Residence Nick Sharratt

    Our very favourite books from our new Writer/Illustrator in Residence Nick Sharratt. Journey through the foggy, foggy forest and watch out for the shark in the park, there is something for everyone in this colourful list!