Booklists beginning with: M

  • Books about masculinity

    Our pick of the best books to help boys develop confidence, compassion, and an understanding of healthy masculinity.

  • Books by Michael Morpurgo

    Some might say that Michael Morpurgo is the nation's storyteller. A titan of literature, children all over the planet love and devour his books.

  • Books to celebrate Moon Day

    These children's books are a brilliant way to get your child excited about the science and mythology of the moon. And, most important of all, these books are just a fun way to think and talk about space!

  • Books to support mental health awareness

    Books that acknowledge or explore mental health issues can help to increase awareness, encourage dialogue, reduce stigma and develop real understanding. The following suggestions offer a spectrum of different perspectives and are well worth seeking out.

  • Magical reads (5-8)

    Take your child on a magical journey or let them explore their own with this magic list of magic books about magic.

  • Magical stories (9-12)

    These books are brilliant for older children who want to get lost in a magical journey.

  • Magical stories (teen)

    These books are brilliant for teenagers who want to get lost in a magical journey.

  • Modern Fairy Tales for 5-8 Year Olds

    Enjoy some of our favourite retellings of classic fairytales for 5-8 year olds

  • Mother's Day: picture books about mums

    Together, celebrate all the different kinds of special mums in the world with these marvellous illustrated books.