Booklists beginning with: M

  • Book to support mental health awareness for ages 8 and over

    Books that acknowledge or explore mental health issues can help to increase awareness, encourage dialogue, reduce stigma and develop real understanding. The following suggestions offer a spectrum of different perspectives and are well worth seeking out.

  • Books about maps and exploration for 0-5

    Young children enjoy exploring their environment, and drawing and painting. These inspiring books will give them a different perspective on creativity and the wider world.

  • Books about masculinity

    Our pick of the best books to help boys develop confidence, compassion, and an understanding of healthy masculinity.

  • Books about mischievous monkeys

    We love monkeys because they're full of energy, always chattering and being cheeky - which makes for lots of fun stories!

  • Books about mud, bugs and growing plants for 0-5

    Young children love splashing in muddy puddles and discovering minibeasts. This selection of books explores the fascinating world of soil, plants and bug life.

  • Books about music for readers aged 8+

    Music is hugely important in our lives – whether we’re listening or playing an instrument ourselves. Here are some brilliant books that will have readers of 8+ tapping their feet in appreciation.

  • Books about music for teens

    Music is the soundtrack to most teenagers’ lives. It’s almost an obligatory rite of passage to fall for or want to be a particular music star. Here are some fantastic stories that celebrate music in all its genres.

  • Books by Michael Morpurgo

    Some might say that Michael Morpurgo is the nation's storyteller. A titan of literature, children all over the planet love and devour his books.

  • Books by Michelle Robinson

    Michelle Robinson is our Writer in Residence from September 2023 - March 2024. Check out her list of books here.

  • Books to celebrate Moon Day

    These children's books are a brilliant way to get your child excited about the science and mythology of the moon. And, most important of all, these books are just a fun way to think and talk about space!

  • Magical reads (5-8)

    Take your child on a magical journey or let them explore their own with this magic list of magic books about magic.

  • Magical stories (9-12)

    These books are brilliant for older children who want to get lost in a magical journey.

  • Magical stories (teen)

    These books are brilliant for teenagers who want to get lost in a magical journey.

  • Michael Rosen books for 0-5s

    Our Writer in Residence and former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen's best books for little ones aged 0 to 5 - we highly recommend reading his brilliant poems aloud together for lots of fun!

  • Michael Rosen books for 6-8s

    Our Writer in Residence and former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen's best books for children aged 6-8 - from perfect bedtime stories for snuggling up with to fun rhymes for children growing more confident in reading aloud.

  • Michael Rosen books for 9-11s

    Our Writer in Residence and former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen's best books for children aged 9-11, tackling more complex topics and asking the big questions.

  • Modern Fairy Tales for 5-8 Year Olds

    Enjoy some of our favourite retellings of classic fairytales for 5-8 year olds

  • Mother's Day: picture books about mums

    Together, celebrate all the different kinds of special mums in the world with these marvellous illustrated books.

  • Myths and legends

    Across all cultures, myth and legend stories have been told for hundreds of years – usually told and retold to entertain and to educate. Here is a selection of the best books about, or inspired by, myths and legends from across the world.

  • Picture books about moving house

    This selection of picture books shows children that moving house needn’t be scary or a bad thing - and may even help them to love their new home.

  • Stories about moving house (for children aged 7+)

    This selection of brilliant stories shows that even if you have nerves about moving, there are adventures to be had and new friends to meet once you're in your new home.