Booklists beginning with: L

  • A matter of life and death

    It can often be difficult to discuss death and bereavement with teenagers, or even for teenagers to do so with parents/carers.

  • Books about Lunar or Chinese New Year

    Lunar New Year is now celebrated across the world, beginning in China 3,000 years ago. Here is a selection of books for young readers that reflect how much fun this festival is.

  • Favourite books about love

    Books are the perfect place to explore and talk about the complexities of the heart. Here are some of our favourites to get you talking about your emotions.

  • Help with life skills for little ones

    Whether you'd like your child to use a potty, tie up their shoelaces or get themselves dressed, how about using a fun story to encourage and show them how?

  • Middle-grade books with LGBTQ+ characters

    Here, we've picked out our favourite middle-grade books which show, and celebrate, LGBTQ+ characters and families.

  • Picture books that celebrate LGBT+ families

    It's so important that little ones grow up and see their type of family set-up reflected in the books you share with them. Here's a list of our favourite children's books that show – and celebrate – diverse families. Perfect for babies all the way up to aged five.  

  • Picture books that love libraries

    We love libraries, and we love picture books. So here's our list of picture books that love libraries too!

  • Teen and YA books with LGBT characters

    These books for teens and young adults all feature lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender characters and relationships.