Booklists beginning with: E

  • Easter bunnies, eggs and chicks

    Always on the lookout for pictures of bunny rabbits and baby chicks, we've dug out the best Easter and springtime books – and a couple about chocolate, too.

  • Eating Disorders Awareness Booklist

    These books all touch on the subject of eating disorders, and will help young readers to gain an understanding of eating issues.

  • Epic couples

    Here are the teen and YA read with the most epic of couples.

  • Epic fantasy

    Swords and sorcerers, kings and queens, elves and dragons, myth and magic... If you like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, then try one of these epic fantasies.

  • Favourite books about the environment

    From climate change to animal conservation, these picture books, poetry collections, novels and graphic novels will encourage children and young people to think about and discuss pressing issues about the environment.