Booklists beginning with: A

  • All sorts of heroes (older children)

    These books are perfect for showing children that there are all sorts of heroes in life - and will inspire them to make a difference, too.

  • Animal stories for older readers

    These chapter books are perfect for engaging children who love animals, with something for everyone from reluctant readers to those reading above their age level. 

  • Autism

    We believe that books are a great way to raise awareness and improve understanding of different experiences. This booklist aims to provide a range of children's and teens' books that feature characters who are autistic, or who have Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

  • Books about adopted characters

    This is a selection of fantastic books – some funny, some exciting, some magical – where the main character is adopted.

  • Books about anger and temper tantrums

    Explore our pick of the very best children's books about anger and temper tantrums for when little ones are seeing red.

  • Books featuring characters with ADHD

    Books are a way to provide glimpses into other people’s experiences. This booklist is a range of excellent children’s and teen books that feature characters with ADHD. Every child will enjoy reading them.

  • Books from around the world (older children)

    These books range from translated stories from other countries to adventues set in far-flung places. Covering many genres some are great for engaging reluctant readers while others are perfect to entertain those reading above their age.

  • Books from around the world (younger children)

    Enjoy some of our recommended books for younger children from around the world! These books range from explorations of our planet to translated works from far flung places. They cover genres of adventure, humour and fantasy. There's something for all types of children, what's important is that they all show tales beyond the familiar.

  • Books on Ancient Egypt for primary school children

    We've put together a list of great books to answer children's questions about Ancient Egypt, including both fiction and non-fiction.

  • Great adventure books 5-8

    Does your child adore adventure? Then these books are sure to keep them entertained.

  • Great adventure books 9-12

    From an ape getting involved in a murder case to schoolgirl cat burglars and mysteries taking place across the world, there are some brilliant capers out there just waiting to be devoured. 

  • Great adventure books for teens

    Does your teenager yearn for adventures? Do they love thei films and video games chock-full of swashbuckling and quests? Then here are some books guaranteed to entertain.