Publisher: Templar

It’s the hottest day of the year and the young boy narrator in this story can’t sleep. So, off he goes to find Grandad who resolves that this is the perfect time for them to go up on to the roof.

Whilst gazing at the stars through their telescope, the boy spots a planet and two stranded astronauts and a space module that has broken down. There can be only one thing for it – Grandad and Boy must help them. First though, they must gather their supplies and cobble together a rocket from an old cardboard box so that they can launch their space rescue mission with a three, two, one, ZOOM!

This beautiful picture book from Sam Usher begins as a simple domestic tale charting the tender relationship between the boy and his grandad. It develops slowly into something much bolder and more fantastical, all the while keeping the focus on the endearing connection between the pair.

Themes of creativity, upcycling and simple aerospace science are gently woven into the story. In joyful watercolour illustration, each stage of Boy and Grandad’s journey is captured charmingly. We love the panoramic double page spreads depicting the night sky, outer space, and sunrise!

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