Zoom: Farm Adventure

Publisher: What On Earth Publishing

Every young child will adore joining in with Bo and his duck for a day's adventure at the farm, as they round up animals, pick fruit, harvest corn, and comfort a farm cat who's just had kittens. Best of all, everything happens within the imagination of Bo, which means he can plot a whole new adventure for next time!

This is a brilliant gateway to longer picture books as the 36-page story is quite substantial for a board book. There is plenty to keep young ones absorbed: from the peek-holes that lead you on to the next page to playing "spot the duck" and imitating the animal noises. It's a great way to build up attention span. 

It's also rewarding to see thoughtful world-building going on for young children. You really get a sense of the expanse of the farm as Bo makes his way around it, and it builds up to a fabulous pop-up page that provides a map of the farm and its fields, windmills and barns, captured in bright and cheerful illustration by Aviel Basil. 

A great book to read at any time but especially before mealtimes to entice a toddler to their highchair, with its rich descriptions of how we get and make our food: whether it's picking apples from the tree, making ketchup from tomatoes or turning peanuts from the field into peanut butter. 

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