Zoe and Beans: Pirate Treasure!

Publisher: Macmillan

Zoe and her trusty dog, Beans, are at the seaside with Oliver and his baby sister, Evie. Zoe and Oliver are itching to build a sandcastle but Evie's got other ideas; she's discovered something interestingly round and shiny. Oliver is convinced it's pirate treasure: immediately they dig - but just end up with a hole.

Along the beach they search - in rock pools, in caves - finding only a bottle top and an old flip flop. Disappointment reigns. But suddenly Beans is onto something: he's sniffed Evie's coin, and he's off! He finds the treasure - but not where they expected!

Seaside exuberance and treasure seeking provide narrative energy and fun, whilst the light touch of the gentle expressive illustrations adds subtle depths of engaging humour.

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