Zeki Loves Mummy

Publisher: Alanna Max

From the moment he wakes up to the end of the day when it’s time for bath and snuggles, Zeki adores Mummy: her giggles, being at baby gym together, riding on the back of her bike as she zooms along in the park, and Mummy’s brilliant lunches, including all manner of healthy snacks in the shapes of animals. Mummy’s hugs are the comfiest and her art is the splashiest: she is the best mummy of all!

This delightful mini-picture book with card pages is somewhere between a usual board book and a picture book, making it ideal for two to three year olds who will enjoy the rhyming text and sweet story. As well as celebrating Zeki and Mummy’s relationship, it’s a joyful look at a daily routine where Mummy and Zeki play and learn together as well as lunch, bath and bed, which are such a key part of toddler life.

Zeki and Mummy’s expressions are full of love, sure to prompt plenty of hugs and snuggles with any mummy and little one reading.

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