Zeki Loves Baby Club

Publisher: Alanna Books

Wednesday is Zeki's favourite day of the week. After breakfast, Zeki is bundled into his buggy and off he trundles to Baby Club. Everyone is so friendly at Baby Club. They all say hello in their own language, whether it's Mandarin, Greek, Spanish or English. The toddlers sing songs and play games. Zeki's favourite is playing with toy animals. After that, it's time for exercises, wiggling fingers, waving hands and pretending to zoom to the moon. The children wind down with a story and a cuddle and then it's time to go home. This time the multilingual goodbyes include Irish, Italian and French.

A charming, multicultural story of everyday life for babies and toddlers, who will recognise elements of their own lives, wherever they're from, in the appealingly warm illustrations and the familiar songs.

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