Zebra Crossing Soul Song

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Otis, the zebra crossing man, has been part of Lenny’s life for as long as he can remember. But now Otis is gone, replaced by a pelican crossing. And all because he lost it, just that once.

While trying to revise for his Psychology A-level, Lenny reconnects with Otis through a mutual love of music and tries to get to the bottom of why the zebra crossing man means so much to him – and what it was in Otis’s past that might have caused his meltdown.

This lyrical, super-readable book explores the complexity of memory and the importance of music as a recall mechanism. Lenny’s attempts to find his place in the world and to plan his future will strike a familiar chord with many teens and young adults. It is a joyful reading experience that will provoke tears as well as laughter.

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The fantastic Isaiah from Lilian Baylis School reads an extract

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