Zac and Zeb and the Make-Believe Birthday Party

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Zac the spotty dog and Zeb the stripy zebra are good friends who have adventures together. In this lively picture book, it's Zac's birthday, and Zeb and all his friends join him for a fun birthday party with food and presents to enjoy. Zeb wishes it could be his turn for a party, and is excited to discover that it's his birthday next. But when his birthday doesn't come around quite as fast as he had hoped it would, Zac is on hand with an idea for a make-believe birthday adventure.

With brightly coloured spreads and appealing animal characters, this is an ideal book for toddlers and pre-schoolers - especially those who might be waiting impatiently for their own birthday to arrive! A lovely, reassuring story about the power of the imagination, and the importance of our friends.

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