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The Calling of Morrigan Crow

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

The second book set in the magical world of Nevermoor, and Morrigan Crow is now officially a member of the much coveted Wundrous Society, or "Wunsoc". She can’t wait for her new life to begin!

But instead of nurturing her power, the Elders are determined to keep Morrigan’s special "knack" a secret. What does being a Wundersmith really mean? Are all Wundersmiths inherently evil? Is she cursed after all? Wunsoc certainly seems to think so, especially as the only other living Wundersmith, Ezra Squall, is the evilest man alive.

Meanwhile, Wunsoc teachers and students are going missing, Morrigan and her friends are being blackmailed, and as Morrigan’s powers begin to manifest, knowing who to trust becomes ever harder. Nothing is as it seems in Wunsoc, and as the boundaries between right and wrong get blurrier and blurrier, the temptation for Morrigan to turn to Squall for help grows stronger.

Wundermith has masterful storytelling, twisty plotting, a thrilling magical world and universally important themes. There are magnificats and magnificubs, brolly rails and celestial beings, creepy Bonesmen and the dreaded Hunt of Smoke and Shadow… Ideal reading for anyone who loves Harry Potter.

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