Worry Angels

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Amy-May is feeling displaced and more than a little bit lost. Hardly surprising after Mum and Dad split up and Dad moved miles away to a semi-derelict cottage with no mobile phone signal.

She and Mum have had to move too – to a ‘garden’ flat which doesn’t actually have a garden and Amy-May can’t face school because, they say, she has ‘anxiety’.

Thank goodness for Grace’s art school which is a safe and supportive place for Amy-May to be as she comes to terms with her new life and is allowed to rediscover the joy of simple pleasures like drawing, craft, growing and cooking.

This super-readable ‘chapters’ book addresses problems that affect many young people at one time or another. It deals unsentimentally with family break-up, moving home and school anxiety whilst showing how one girl finds solace and positivity with the help of an understanding and inspirational teacher.

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