Publisher: Zephyr

It is commonly understood that Wolf’s souls are the brightest and strongest of all creatures and the ice demon Naiginn knows this.

He hungers for the power those souls would give him if he can contrive to trap Wolf and eat his souls while he is still living. Wolfbane, a powerful poison that paralyses without killing, will surely get him what he craves.

When Wolf is swept out to sea on an ice floe, it’s a race against time for his pack brother, Torak, and pack sister, Renn, to reach him and defeat the demon before the worst happens.

Set 6,000 years ago in the wild forests of northern Scandinavia, this breathtaking adventure brings the Wolf Brother series to a magnificent and fitting end. As well as the exhilarating action, there are touching and heart-wrenching moments as the stories of some of the key players are brought to their conclusions.

The outstanding world-building, inspired language and masterful storytelling plunge readers headfirst into the customs and visceral experience of a life lost to history.

Although Wolfbane could be read as a stand-alone story, readers will get much more from it if they have read the previous books in the series.

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