Witch Watch

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Publisher: Bloomsbury

When a bright green apple and a particularly nasty orange dress appear unexpectedly in the black-and-white world of Sinkville, Tiga Whicabim and her witch friends suspect it could be a sign that the Evil Witches are on the move again.

Tiga's plans to find her missing mother are put on hold as the young witches, and Fran the fairy, join forces and deploy special hats in an attempt to prevent the wicked Celia Crayfish from staging a witchy coup.

Witch Watch is the third book in an illustrated series of funny and original witch stories. Although the story, which is full of goodies, baddies, thrills, spills and slapstick humour, can be read as a standalone book, readers are likely to enjoy it much more if it is read in its proper place in the series.

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