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Publisher: Faber and Faber

Emmeline lives in a walled settlement where they must all obey the three virtues: Bravery, Honesty and Discovery. Anyone who goes against the community is considered a Wayward and is banished outside the walls to face the freezing winter and the terrifying malmaci who inhabit the woods. When Emmeline discovers she is to be married to the community leader, a man she distrusts and fears, she feels more trapped than ever. She has to decide between living in claustrophobic security or trusting her dreams and the whispers in the woods that are calling her outside into the unknown.

Boorman's debut novel is an exciting and atmospheric adventure story. Emmeline is a great protagonist, brave, independent and curious, yet she also battles with her self-worth, fearing her family's stained history and her disability make her less worthy than those around her. This is the first in a series and is sure to gather many fans. A great read.

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