Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story

Publisher: Words and Pictures

This beautifully illustrated, large-format picture book perfectly blends a sweet story with fascinating facts about animals sleeping through winter.

The story follows a little boy and his granny as they explore the glade behind her house. Granny Sylvie knows all about the bird songs and the names of flowers. She even knows the best places to climb up the slopes and sneak through the trees.

When the little boy next visits, he’s desperate to go back through the garden but this time it is winter and everything is different. Granny Sylvie explains that while everything is cold and bare, all the animals are hidden underground, keeping warm and sleeping through until spring. The little boy has many questions about the different types of animals and Granny Sylvie has lots of answers.

At the back of the book, there is more information on how different types of animals hibernate in winter, and how we can help them to stay safe. This book will work wonderfully in schools, as well as at home. As it’s all about being cosy and sleepy, it also makes a lovely bedtime book.

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