Publisher: Otter-Barry


It's just not fair. So many birds can fly: Owl and Sparrow and Starling and Parrot and Humingbird. So why can't Penguin?

Every spread of this picture book sees Penguin try various ways to get launched up into the air. Even the other birds try to help. But try as he might, Penguin just can't do it – even though there is nothing he wants more... He sees it as his destiny. 

However, one day, Penguin gets propelled into the air by his friends and lands straight in the ocean – and discovers something fantastic that he never knew about himself...

Paul Stewart's sweet, funny text and Jane Porter's characterful collage illustrations combine into a really heartwarming story about fulfilling your potential and staying content and unique. Everyone has their talent and "special thing", and sometimes that's different to everyone else's.

What a lovely message from this great big hug of a book. 

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