Wild Family

Publisher: Puffin

Did you know that elephants have 40,000 muscles in their trunk? And that they dig for water? Did you know that a collection of panda is called a sleuth of pandas? And that Matabele ants carry their injured fellow ants back to the nest to be nursed? Discover these facts and many more fascinating tidbits about animals in this gorgeously illustrated book. 

With each spread focusing on a different animal family, and including the group noun for each (a circus of puffins!), this is an accessible introduction to how animals live. Insects, birds, fish and mammals are all covered, as are different environments, like the jungle, oceans, ice flows and savannah. The emphasis is on biodiversity and interconnectivity, and the reader learns how each family cannot exist in isolation. The clownfish needs the anemone and vice versa. The bee needs the flower and vice versa. And, the author makes the point powerfully at the end, humans need to protect nature and nature needs to protect us. We all share the same planet. 

Every child will find something to engage them in this book. The author packs a lot of facts into accessible chunks of text, and the illustrations show adorable animals and a wide variety of natural beauty. A stunning gift book that would also be perfect for the school library.

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