Who's Driving?

Publisher: Gecko Press

This fun-filled board book contains an array of animals and vehicles which will delight young children. Every other page introduces four different creatures, each clutching a key and hurrying towards a vehicle, with the question “Who’s driving…?” Different modes of transport are featured, including a shiny red fire engine, a chic pink convertible and a zebra-print jeep. Will Snail, Fox, Rhinoceros or Hare vroom away in the racing car, and who will take to the skies in the aeroplane? Children will love trying to guess the identity of each driver and will be eager to turn the page to find out if they are right. They are sure to enjoy the race to the end and observant readers will spot the slow but steady tortoise plodding towards the finish line.

Stylish illustrations, full of detail and humour, are set against plain backgrounds, making them easy to explore. The characters and vehicles are all moving in the same direction, leading the eye from left to right, which will help young readers to understand how to navigate through the tale. Engaging and entertaining, there is plenty of repetition and opportunities for prediction, making it ideal to share with young children.

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