Who are Refugees and Migrants? What Makes People Leave Their Homes? And Other Big Questions

Publisher: Wayland Books

People are often talking about asylum seekers, migrants and refugees on the TV and in the newspapers nowadays. Meanwhile, there are important discussions going on about what should happen to those refugees and migrants, and what the countries that receive them should do about the situation.

In this addition to the series of books including What is Right & Wrong? Who Decides? Where do Values Come From? And Other Big Questions and What is Politics? Why Should We Care? And Other Big Questions, Rosen and Young explain what might make people leave their homes and journey to other countries, the rights that refugees and migrants have and the (often tremendously dangerous) ways that they travel, as well as discussing wider relevant ideas such as the language we use to describe refugees and migrants and what happens when we deliberately separate cultures and peoples.

Aiming to help children understand migration in all its forms, Rosen and Young also include their own experiences and thoughts around immigration as well as that of author Benjamin Zephaniah, actor Omid Djalili, Syrian refugee Muzoon Almellehan and activist Meltem Avcil, which puts some of the ideas expressed in the books into a relatable context.

A fascinating and well-presented book with plenty of pictures and break out boxes, this is ideal for Year 6 or Year 7 children and a super useful resource to have at home, supporting important conversations.

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