Where Are You, Puffling?

An Irish Adventure

Publisher: O'Brien

A curious little puffling lives on Skellig Michael in Ireland. One day, her puffin parents can’t find her in her burrow. Where could she be?

Billed as an “Irish adventure”, this delightful board book gives a glimpse of the dramatic landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Skellig Michael: distinctively craggy and windswept, crammed with gannets, puffins, dolphins and seals.

However, this iconic setting is very much the backdrop to a really fun and sweet story that anyone can enjoy, whether they live in Ireland or have never visited. The little puffling in the story is drawn with huge personality and her naughty restlessness guides us through the book, as the inhabitants of Skellig Michael join forces to find her. Toddlers will enjoy trying to find the hiding puffling and feeling like they know more than her parents do!

When we finally get to the gorgeous double-page spread of the whales that rescue the puffling, you’re likely to share in the awe and wonder.

Like all good adventures, the puffling is tired by the end and more than ready for bed: hopefully, your child will be, too!

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