When Titus Took the Train

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Titus is taking the train to visit his Uncle Henry, far, far away. His parents aren't coming with him, but the conductor promises to keep an eye on him. Titus has his lunch, his games and a pen and notebook to keep him busy. His dad hopes he won't get too bored.

No chance of that: as soon as the train pulls away, Titus has to deal with bandits, dinosaur attacks and an enormous boulder on a collision course with the train. Luckily, Titus is just the hero his fellow passengers need - even if all of these exciting and perilous things happen safely in the confines of his sketchbook!

Titus' journey of imagination is a tour de force of exciting derring-do, with McIntyre's recognisable bright and explosive illustration juxtaposed with snippets of Titus' own sketchbook.

A little boy making up his own stories and revelling in his active imagination on a long journey might well encourage young readers to do the same next time they have a long journey ahead.

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