When Life Gives You Mangoes

Publisher: Pushkin Press

Clara lives in Sycamore, a Jamaican village where not much ever happens. But Clara can’t remember what happened last summer, and her best friend Gaynah is angry with her because of it. There’s something in between Clara and the rest of the world, and it might just be herself. Meanwhile, tensions simmer among the adults in the village, and characters from the past move into the present. Is everyone what they seem to be, and is it really true that no-one has any secrets in Sycamore?

This is a beautifully-written story of small towns, and the eternally shifting sands of friendship and family. Mysterious, poetic and dream-like at times, Getten’s book has a classic feel reminiscent of Sharon Creech or Hilary McKay; her characters linger, a warm presence near your heart, like a faded photograph of childhood summer in a breast pocket. With a twist that will have young readers going back to the start of the book to enjoy it all over again, Kereen Getten looks set to be a new star of literary friendship novels for readers aged 9 and above. 

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