When Fishes Flew: The Story of Elena’s War

Publisher: Harper Collins

Although she lives in Melbourne, Nandi has always thought of herself as Greek. The island of Ithaca is her father’s heritage and still home to Ellie – her old and much-loved great aunt.

For Nandi’s whole life, Aunty Ellie has brought her gifts and told her enthralling stories relating to Greek history and myths and Nandi loves her all the more for it. But eventually the day comes when Aunty Ellie is no longer fit enough to visit Australia so Nandi determines to travel to Ithaca just as soon as she can.

When Aunty Ellie disappears from her island home, and no one knows where she’s gone, Nandi makes a pact with an ancient deity to try and solve the mystery and learns things about Ellie she could never have imagined.

Set across two continents and three time settings, Nandi and Ellie’s stories have an enormous backdrop that combines elements of ancient history and myth, experiences of World War Two and contemporary life.

The multi-generational elements will resonate with readers who are lucky enough to have older relatives with stories to tell about their younger days – or may inspire them to ask questions they hadn’t thought of before.

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