When Cookie Crumbled

Publisher: Scholastic

Michael is a cookie, just all the others. Nice and round and beige and spotty… and covered in sprinkles and sweeties? No, no, no. They all have to be identical. So Michael shakes off his decorations and returns to the batch. But he just can’t help expressing himself in an individual manner and soon the weight of the other cookies’ disapproval makes him start to crumble… Can Michael find a way to be himself?

This is a very entertaining story about being true to yourself, and about understanding and acceptance. Michelle Robinson’s rhyming text is a delight to read aloud, with some repeated phrases that young children will enjoy joining in with. Tom Knight’s bright, energetic illustrations bring huge emotion to the cookie characters, which is an impressive feat. We are particularly fond of the image of poor sad Michael sitting on the shelf. This would be a great book to use to talk about emotions and about being individuals. As the illustrations clearly show, it’s so much more interesting when everyone’s different!

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