What is Humanism?

Publisher: Wayland

What is the purpose of life? Where do moral values come from? Can you be good without God or religion? This straightforward book lays down some astronomically big questions but the point returned to throughout is that it's ok to have your own ideas as answers, and that sometimes it's better to ask more questions than just fall back on what is presented to you in religion.

Humanists on hand to give their own interpretation include the authors Michael Rosen and Annemarie Young as well as Philip Pullman, Stephen Fry and Jim Al-Khalili. There are sections on humanist ceremonies and celebrations to answer those important 'what about Christmas' questions and helpful thinking points throughout to remind readers to questions their own values and beliefs, even in regard to what they have just read.

This could really help young people feel more confident in identifying their beliefs as part of a system that is acknowledged in its own right, opposed to a lack of belief, which may not necessarily be representative of their feelings.  An important, accessible and useful book (in and outside of the classroom) that could fill a gap in current culture for children.

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