What is Gender?

How Does It Define Us? And Other Big Questions

Publisher: Hachette

An informative, no-nonsense guide looking at the concept of gender and the different issues surrounding it.

What exactly is gender and how is a person's gender decided? What are the different genders? How does gender differ in different countries? And how does gender affect us and the way we interact with the world or the way the world interacts us?

Using clear language and scientific definitions, the author explains what can sometimes be very complicated and emotional matters in a straight-forward, no-arguments way. Discussion around the different issues is invited through 'lightbulb' prompts with ideas to think about, while a range of people share their views and personal stories about the issues, bringing the different experiences to life.

A must-have book for any young person (or, in fact, older person) interested to know more about what gender is really all about.

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