What Do Animals Do All Day?

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

Animals don’t have jobs like humans do – or do they? Actually, though they don’t wear uniforms or pay tax, each animal has a special job to do within its particular environment. Looking at 14 different environments, from the deep ocean to a mangrove to the arctic circle, this clear and engaging non-fiction book profiles eight animal “jobs” for each place.

For instance, on a coral reef, the cleaner wrasse acts as a dentist for the other fish, the sponge filters sea water through its body to clean it of waste, and the clownfish acts as a security guard, choosing a sea anemone to live in and guard.

Though there are many fantastic animal and environment non-fiction books being published for children, this bright and engaging book provides an original take on the idea of how animals cooperate to maintain a healthy ecosystem for themselves. Ideal for school projects, as well as reading together at home.

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