Well Done, Mummy Penguin

Publisher: Walker Books

It’s dinner time in the Antarctic and Mummy Penguin sets off to search for fish. Little Penguin and Daddy Penguin watch on anxiously as Mummy braves the icy waters to bring back their food. Mummy swims at speed to catch the fish, leaps back onto the icy shore and climbs a slippery slope. With each hurdle, Little Penguin cheers with pride. Well done, Mummy Penguin!

But there’s one last hurdle that Mummy must conquer before she can reach her family. A group of big, sleeping seals is all that lies between her and family. Mummy will need to use her skills and – of course - be very, very quiet…

Chris Haughton’s distinctive graphic illustrations and bold blue colour palette bring lots of humour and expression to this suspenseful story. Children can follow the story easily even without the text, although the use of text repetition is brilliant as it adds to the anticipation. Seeing Mummy’s adventure from Little Penguin’s point of view also brings us much closer to the action and will likely have little readers cheering on Mummy Penguin too!

This is an exciting picture book which celebrates the strength and determination of mothers, as well as the fascinating world of penguin parenting.

Mae'n amser cinio yn yr Antarctig ac mae Mummy Penguin yn dechrau ar daith i chwilio am bysgod. Mae Little Penguin a Daddy Penguin yn gwylio'n bryderus wrth i Mummy fentro i'r dyfroedd rhewllyd i ddod â'u bwyd yn ôl iddyn nhw. Gyda phob rhwystr, mae Little Penguin yn rhoi hwrê yn falch. Da iawn ti, Mummy Penguin!

Mae darluniau graffig nodweddiadol Chris Haughton yn dod â llawer o hiwmor a mynegiant i'r stori llawn tensiwn hon. Mae plant yn gallu dilyn y stori'n hawdd hyd yn oed heb y testun, er bod ailadrodd y testun yn ychwanegu at y disgwylgarwch. Mae gweld antur Mummy o safbwynt Little Penguin yn fwy tebygol o gael y darllenwyr ifanc i annog Mummy Penguin yn ei blaen hefyd!

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