Web of Lies

Publisher: Puffin

Web of Lies catches up with Femi and Sade two years after the events in The Other Side of Truth. Femi and Sade’s journalist father thought that England would be safer than Nigeria for his children, after their mother was murdered. But Femi and Sade soon discover that there are dangers in London, too.

While The Other Side of Truth focused on Sade, Web of Lies follows Femi, who is drawn against his will into closer and closer involvement with a gang of criminals who have links to his school – and an unpleasant interest in his sister.

The story is powerful because it is so distressingly believable, and because Naidoo does such a good job of bringing the reader into Femi’s head. Caught between an uncompromising father, a brutal gang and his own need to grow up and fit in, it is horribly easy to see how a child in his position quickly finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is a bleak book, but an important one. 

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