We Sang Across the Sea The Empire Windrush and Me

Publisher: Scholastic

On the small Caribbean Island of Trinidad, Mona spends her days singing. Whether she’s on the veranda eating juicy mangos, at carnival watching the procession or surrounded by animals, her sweet voice brings joy to everyone around her. It is her dream for the whole world to hear her voice. When she sees that a large ship, the Empire Windrush, will be sailing to England soon, she knows she just has to be aboard it. She waves goodbye to her parents and four sisters, excited for the next chapter in her life to begin.

When she arrives to the strange new land, she begins singing in clubs, on the radio and television and soon, across Europe. She eventually returns home, proud that she was able to live out her dreams.

Written by multi award-winning poet Benjamin Zephaniah, this lyrical rhyming poem is told through the real-life experiences of the Trinidadian musician, Mona Baptiste, who boarded The Empire Windrush in the hopes of becoming a singer and making a better life for herself.

The poem is accompanied by bright and colourful illustrations throughout, allowing Mona’s story and Zephaniah’s words to come to life.

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