We Can Be Heroes

Publisher: Farshore

Ten years on from the death of his father in the 9/11 attacks, Ben moves to live with his grandparents for the summer whilst his fragile mother is in hospital. Whilst there he befriends Priti, a feisty girl of 11 who has recently moved to the street with her Muslim family. When she and Ben suspect her brother of being a terrorist, and her extended family of ordering the honour killing of her teenage sister, chaos ensues. As the new friends, along with Ben’s cousin Jed (who has his own family problems to deal with) try to uncover the plot, racism rears its ugly head in the community, leading to a shocking criminal act.

An ambitious novel which covers the themes of friendship, racism, grief, love and hate – but in a witty, sensitive and completely compelling way. Funny, insightful and surprising – a great debut novel.

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