Watch Me Bloom

Publisher: Lantana

From Ring-a-Ring-o-Roses to Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, young children are often first introduced to flowers through nursery rhymes and childhood games. In this beautiful collection of haiku* poems, explore 24 flower species growing close to home, from wildflower meadows to urban window boxes. The poems include well-known flora like daisies and daffodils and perhaps some lesser-known plants like azalea and foxglove.

The vibrant collage-style illustrations are filled with beautiful bright blooms. From a superhero-loving girl with a hearing aid to a same-sex Asian wedding ceremony surrounded my marigolds, the poetry book features a diverse mix of children and families enjoying the wonderful plants.

A *Haiku is a type of short-form poetry from Japan. Traditionally, a haiku has just three lines. The first and third line have five syllables, while the second/middle line has seven syllables. With short, simple poems on each page that can be read in any order, this is great to read if you’re short on time or don’t feel like reading a book from start to finish.

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