War Game

Publisher: Pavilion Books

This simple yet haunting book tells the story of the First World War from the point of view of the writer’s uncles who lost their lives in the conflict.

Foreman weaves what is known about his relatives' experiences with historical narrative to explore the fragile truce and Christmas Day football match which interrupted the War in 1914.

The story follows the celebratory mood of joining up for the 'Great War', to the disillusionment of the trenches and the devastating conclusion of his uncles' 'adventure'.

Foreman takes a well-known part of history and strips away layers to help us see it from a new perspective.

This is a remarkably subtle book where the author’s light touch allows the events to speak for themselves. Subtle watercolour images are cleverly juxtaposed with propaganda posters of the time making the book a wonderful starting point for history projects. A stunning work that will bear many re-readings.

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