Unnatural Creatures

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Whilst it is quite unlikely that you might encounter such creatures as the Werewolf, the Griffin, or the Manticore (or indeed, the Cartographer Wasp or the Cockatoucan) out in the real world, this excellent collection amply demonstrates that all sorts of unusual animals can be discovered in the depths of the imagination. From haughty Water Dragons to unnamed Beasts as big as city block, a whole menagerie of extraordinary fauna crawl, leap and slither from its pages.

Featuring the work of well-known authors including E Nesbit, Diana Wynne Jones, and Gaiman himself (as well as a number of authors who on the evidence of their contributions deserve to be more widely read) the stories in this volume range from fable and myth through to modern-day fairy tale. By turns scary, funny, and sometimes just plain bizarre, this is a volume which will appeal to fans of fantasy and budding classifiers and cataloguers of imaginary beings.

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