Subway Systems Around the World

Publisher: Cicada Books

Did you know that in Mexico City, there are special women-only carriages at the front of the train for use in peak hours? Or that the Tokyo subway is the busiest in the world with 3.1 billion passengers every year? What about the fact that in Paris, no building is further than 500 metres from a Metro station?

In Uijung Kim’s fabulous and attractive book, young readers will learn about some much beloved subway systems in 10 international cities, as well as getting a feel for some of the cultural heritage of Seoul, Madrid, New York, London and many others. Every section features a colourful fold-out of each city’s subway train and there’s a seek and find feature which tasks children with spotting 10 local foods, famous people, sports items and other things associated with that city. For instance, in Moscow, we’re asked to find a balalaika, a Faberge egg, a matryoshka doll and St Basil’s Cathedral, among other classic Russian things.

Kim’s graphic, fun illustration brings subway systems to life for little ones at a time when many of them are obsessed with trains, trucks and cars – a perfect read at home and on the go!

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