When I Became Your Brother

Publisher: Nosy Crow

This tender and heartfeltpicture book celebrates the unique bond that exists between a brother and his new sibling.

Two fox cub siblings love nothing more than exploring their woodland surroundings together, from the moment the sun rises until darkness falls. Together the fox siblings run in open fields, play with pinecones and snuggle down for bed at the end of the day’s adventures. Written from the point of view of the older brother talking to his younger sibling, it touches on the love, companionship, fun and guidance that come with being an older brother.

The gentle, comforting rhyming text makes it a great one for quietly snuggling down with at the end of a day and sharing with siblings. The gorgeous illustrations feel extra special with the dashes of gold foil that feature throughout the book and it would make a great gift book for children with new siblings.

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