Two Terrible Vikings and Grunt the Berserker

Publisher: Faber

Brother and sister Hack and Whack are two of the worst Viking children in the village. They’re rude, noisy, messy, and the rotten apples of their parents’ eyes… but one day, someone even worse moves in right next door.

Grunt the Berserker is massive, fearsome, and very, very smelly, and he’s making life hell for all the villagers! With the help of their friends and a couple of lessons from the brand new Viking school, it’s up to Hack, Whack, and Muddy Butt the dog to chase Grunt out of town.

You might know Francesca Simon from the fantastically popular Horrid Henry books – and somehow, the Two Terrible Vikings manage to make Henry look like an angel. Packed with super-silly toilet humour, madcap action, and lively cartoonish illustrations from Steve May, the hilarious adventures of Hack and Whack are bound to be asked for again and again – though the simple text and short chapters mean they’re also perfect for children beginning to read independently.

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Two Terrible Vikings

Author: Francesca Simon Illustrator: Steve May

Hack and Whack are two terrible Viking twins who love stealing, raiding islands, and being generally horrible! Early readers will love this hysterical trio of stories from the creator of Horrid Henry.

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This outstanding collection, which effectively showcases the work of talented authors, illustrators and translators from around the world, is utterly captivating and cannot be recommended highly enough.

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