Two Places to Call Home

Publisher: Ladybird

Meet Florrie. She has two of everything: two lovely brothers, two smashing parents and two very cuddled pets. But now she has two homes. One with her mum and one with her dad. Florrie is worried that she can’t live in two places. She’s not brave enough. But Dad and Florrie climb a mountain to find a special stone. And she and Mum zoom to the moon for a magical flower. Whenever she’s worried or sad, holding these items help her remember that the other parent is not far away.

This is a comforting picture book showing that even if your parents separate, you can still have fun with them. Having two homes is perhaps somewhat sad or worrying at first, but there is lots of love to go round. As the dad says, they are still a family, just one that doesn’t live under the same roof.

The illustrations are warm and friendly and there’s a delightful touch of magic to bring a sense of fun and adventure into the story. Readers will enjoy spotting the two pets, and the whole book could spark interesting conversations about different families, or feelings about separation or divorce. A must-have for nursery and Reception classes.

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