Trixie Pickle Art Avenger: Toxic Takedown

Publisher: Puffin

Art-enthusiast Trixie Pickle has a secret superhero identity: as the Art Avenger, she embarks on top secret, art-inspired missions to tackle injustice and challenge bullies. Trixie spices up dull lessons when she replaces the classroom clocks with floppy versions made from tortilla wraps, inspired by surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí; she confuses her annoying little brother by covering his walls with spots, in a recreation of Dots Obsession by Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama; and she wreaks revenge on mean school bullies, the Fire Angels, with a Jackson Pollock-style, paint-splatter surprise.

A mysterious illness, known as Wormwood fever, sweeps the city and even Wormwood’s Mayor gets sick, making headline news when he vomits on a Damien Hirst sculpture. When Trixie uncovers some toxic information about the sickness bug, she devises a Botticelli-based plan to expose those responsible, but unfortunately, her scheme doesn’t quite go to plan and she finds herself in a sticky situation.

Bursting with zany characters and black-and-white comic strip illustrations, this hilarious, laugh-out-loud tale also features fact files on real artists, including Auguste Rodin, Kehinde Wiley and Louise Bourgeois. Hugely entertaining, this is the second book in a series which combines art, practical jokes and crime-solving comic capers.

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