Tractor Tractor

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Publisher: Mama Makes Books

Tractor Tractor is the second book about the humorous goings-on at the Funny Farm, illustrated by Rachael Saunders. Each book has an early-learning concept and Tractor Tractor is all about opposites.

This is a great board book to teach children about the concept of opposites, which is quite a tricky concept to grasp. It does so in a light-hearted and funny way and with flaps and sliders to put those opposites in action – for example, by making the tractors go fast or slow at harvest time.

The book will especially appeal to kids who are big fans of anything with wheels. The tractors in this book are brilliantly illustrated by Rachael Saunders, who somehow manages to carve out cartoonish personalities for both. Double points for the fact that everything takes place on a farm, so there’s lots of googly-eyed animals to point out, too!

Lots of fun and lots of themes to explore, such as teamwork and difference.

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