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Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

Dollington Academy is a unique school helping ‘bittles’ (a race of tiny beings) learn everything they need to have successful careers as models that inspire dolls for human children.

Dollington has all the hallmarks of a typical school too, with daydreaming pupils, a class heartthrob and a clique of popular girls.

Minky, the new girl, has a standoff-ish attitude when Trixie tries to be welcoming but Trixie perseveres, desperate to find out what is troubling the mysterious mermaid. She is not the only one finding school life tough – many pupils are unhappy with the accessories their parents have sent them.

When Bunnard swaps his cuddly rabbit accessory for a sword, he soon regrets it as he finds himself chased by a classmate demanding a duel!

Toyetica is a fantastical and immersive world, which young people will adore. As well as laugh-out-loud humour, there are sophisticated themes of identity and the pressure to do well. If it’s not to their usual taste, some readers may need to look beyond the anime-influenced illustrations – but if they give it a chance, they'll be hooked. This comic has the perfect balance of humour and depth to create a cult following.

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