Titanic: Death on the Water

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Publisher: A & C Black

Billy is terrified of the boat yard where the magnificent ship Titanic is being built, but his father is determined he will work there. It seems as though he will never have control over his own future. Then, one fateful day his father is killed in an accident and Billy suddenly has to make life-changing decisions alone. When the Titanic sets sail Billy goes with it, sure that he will have a better, safer life as a bellboy than he would working in the dangerous yard. Little does Billy know that he is sailing into the most terrifying situation he will ever have to face.

This readable story, based on material from the National Archives, offers young readers a fresh take on the well-known tale of the sinking of the Titanic, as seen through the eyes of a frightened young man. With plenty of historically accurate detail of life on board the doomed vessel, this well-written blend of fact and fiction would be ideal for use in History teaching, as well as to read and enjoy in its own right.

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